Humhub social network installation


HumHub is a new social network building software created on top of Yii php framework.

Humhub requirements are:

  • PHP 5.3+

  • MySQL

  • Apache 2.x

  • PHP CUrl Extension

  • PHP Multibyte String Support

  • PHP PDO MySQL Extension

Linux web hosting packages usually support all this requirements out of the box. If you just want to try humhub on your home computer, the easiest way is to install Xampp or wamp, all-in-one packages for local web server. You can install Xampp using this tutorial. This tutorial is done on windows and xampp.

Download Humhub from github (click on download zip in right column). Extract zip archive in directory where you want your humhub site. I am using xampp and installation directory is C:\xampp\htdocs\humhub. Start web server and visit address of your site, in my case it is http ://localhost/humhub. 

Welcome screen.

humhub installation welcome page

System check - Humhub requirements check. I am missing php - ldap and php - apc but those are optional requirements and I can proceed with installation.

Humhub requirements check

Next step is database configuration, you need to enter database details. You can create database using phpmyadmin on localhost/phpmyadmin address. I'm using database with name "humhub".

Humhub mysql database configuration

Enter name for your new social network website.

Humhub social network installation - enter website name

And in last step create administrator account.

humhub social network installation - create admin account

The installation completed successfully! You can start using your new social network.

Humhub social network installation completed