Meduim clone built with Elgg


I recently found interesting website called WatStory, it is a Elgg powered website with look and feel of I don't have code for this website, author didn't release Elgg theme and plugins used for building I just wanted to share this website like a good example of what is possible to create with Elgg. Elgg is one of the most popular scripts for building social network websites and people assume that you can only build typical social networking websites like facebook and similar. WatStory is good example that you can build any type of website using Elgg framework.

As I said before, I don't have code used on this website, but I can suggest plugins for you to explore if you want to build clone.

  • Elgg core Blog plugin - bundled with Elgg, you just need to enable it from plugins administration page. 

  • Blog tools plugin - Offers extra functionality like cover photo for Elgg core Blog plugin.

  • Blog Video Cover - Enables the core blog plugin to have video blog covers.

Plus many more plugins in Elgg community plugins repository.

If you choose to build clone with Elgg you will have to invest some time to customize it to suit your needs but it is easier then coding website from scratch and definitively better option than buying clone script of unknown quality.