MySpace clone

This page contain information on cloning functionality with Elgg open source social network engine. Download Elgg 1.8 here and follow this tutorial to install it on your computer.

MySpace was the largest social networking website from 2005 until 2008 when it was surpassed by Facebook. It was founded by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson and was launched in July 2003. If you search for MySpace clone script you will find many old articles about Best MySpace clone scripts but almost all this scripts are now abandoned and dead. Usually, even script home pages don't exist anymore so you cannot download script you want. Reason for this is decline in popularity of MySpace after 2008, when new social networks like Facebook and Twitter set new standards for online communities. There probably is MySpace clone to find on sites like scriptcopy and hotscripts but since this software is abandonware without security updates, it would be real challenge to run it today.

There is one more problem you'll find. MySpace become Myspace (notice letter capitalization), in 2012 website was relaunched as a music-discovery service. Today Myspace is much different from what it was back in 2007 when MySpace clone scripts were created. The only way to get unique and stylish look of today Myspace website is to use Elgg with Elgg Myspace theme.   CSS3 design with horizontal slider and Myspace color scheme, this theme will get you closer to goal of having your own Myspace clone website. The best of all is the price tag, theme is free and open source just like Elgg.

Before installing theme you have to install Elgg, use this tutorial.

Download Elgg MySpace Theme

Watch video overview of Elgg with installed Myspace theme.



As we mentioned before, Myspace become music-discovery service, and you could build this type of service with Elgg, but you don't have to. Elgg has large number of plugins for building deferent types of websites. You can build music website like Myspace, picture or video sharing community, marketplace, groupware, microbloging website etc.